Provisional Waivers Lawyer

Immigrants who attempt to enter the United States without an inspection, admission or parole may be denied entry into the U.S. Entry into the United States may also be denied to immigrants who have been convicted of a crime, have engaged or have attempted to engage in fraud or misrepresentation, or for those who have overstayed their visa. However, it may be possible to overcome inadmissibility and receive a waiver by showing hardship.

Sarah Vitelli is an experienced Woburn provisional waivers attorney in Massachusetts. She works exclusively on immigration matters helping individuals get the proper waivers that they need in order to legally enter the U.S.

Establishing Hardship

If you or a loved one has been deemed inadmissible to enter the United States for any reason, you may be able to receive an I-601 provisional waiver if you are able to establish hardship. Examples of hardship include:

  • Family members who are already residing in the U.S.
  • Medical necessity
  • Educational necessity
  • Problems in your country of origin, including threats to your physical or mental security

Attorney Vitelli will thoroughly review all details of your case, letting you know whether a hardship requirement is likely to apply to your matter and whether pursuit of a waiver is the proper course of action. Ms. Vitelli will help you gather and present all of the necessary information to help you craft a strong claim, including any medical documentation, educational records, and letters of support from employers or family members. Attorney Vitelli is committed to helping you or a loved one get the appropriate relief for your immigration matter.

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