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Obtaining a Visa for Your Fiancé(e)

In an increasingly global society business and personal travel has resulted in couples becoming engaged all over the world. It is your right to marry someone who is a noncitizen of the United States, however legalizing your marriage and obtaining entry for a fiancé(e) can be more complicated. It is critical to consult with an experienced attorney to protect your rights and to facilitate the legal process.

Sarah Vitelli is a Boston, Massachusetts, attorney focused exclusively on immigration law. She will handle every aspect of your case from filing applications, collecting all documentation and paperwork, and dealing directly with the consulate on your behalf.

Prevent Delays and Protect Your Rights

The first step in the process of obtaining a fiancé(e) visa is submitting a petition for processing. Once the petition is approved, the file will be sent to the National Visa Center and then on to the consulate where your fiancé(e) resides. K-1 Visa petition forms can be confusing and also require a large amount of documentation that may seem overwhelming.

Working with an experienced Woburn marriage visa attorney can prevent delays and ensure that these processes follow the appropriate requirements.

Consular Interview and Adjustment of Status

Once your fiancé(e) petition is forwarded to an American embassy, the embassy will send instructions on completing additional steps, including a medical exam. A consular interview can cause stress and anxiety, but attorney Vitelli will provide you with the information you need so that you have reasonable expectations and can be prepared to answer any questions. Once your fiancé(e) enters the United States on a fiancé(e) visa, you have 90 days to marry. After the marriage, your fiancé(e) must adjust status to a conditional permanent resident.

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